Calendar Based Scheduling


A major component of Project Management is scheduling.  The two things that every business has in common are; every business produces some sort of estimate, and everyone schedules.

Those businesses who rely on scheduling, will understand the value that a fully integrated scheduling component can offer.

Estam8 has integrated a scheduling component which is simple to use.  This calendar format includes all of the programming necessary to support adding and editing appointments, adjusting start and end times, assigning activities as well as identifying who is assigned to facilitate an activity.  The calendar supports features to drag-drop, or to re-size appointments, which makes editing your schedule a breeze.

Where Estam8’s scheduling component excels is;  it employs a calendar, whose appointments, when scheduled are data-bound; meaning that every appointment links with its respective job record.  As the schedule changes, job records are updated simultaneously.  More exceptional is the fact that in a network the schedule is shared among everyone who is connected, providing immediate and up-to-date access to schedule in real time.

The schedule can be viewed by day, week, month and/or various combinations of all three.  It will be easy to view your schedule in the ideal view for your immediate need.

Appointments can be associated with activities which the program administrator will determine. Activities can be color-coded which will provide a visual queue as to what each appointment represents.  In addition, the program user will be able to schedule non-job related appointments providing the perfect may to schedule meetings from a single source that everyone in your organization can access.

If all that were not enough, Estam8 has provided special programming that will permit the program user to filter the calendar by Activity, providing a way to view only that which is important at the time.  And last, but not least and by no means all that there is, Estam8 has provided for Printing schedules filtered by date-range, which can be further filtered by Activity, by Assignee and of course by Job.

There is simply no better or more efficient way to schedule activities and/or appointments in your business and have the schedule available to anyone who needs to know what is scheduled and when it is scheduled to take place.

The number of features and benefits are too numerous to mention in the space allotted, so if you have additional questions, or wish to participate in a demonstration, please feel free to contact a representative at Estam8 Inc.