Regardless of the industry in which you participate, the process of estimating is remarkably similar. While the individual products, their units of measure, and pricing are obviously different, and regardless of whether you include services and labor into your pricing, Estam8 is programmed to meet your specific needs.  The one constant is – the estimate form and estimate process is always the same.  With Estam8, you will populate the estimate form by selecting form a series of drop down menus which are populated with your products and your pricing.   Menus are intended to be easy to change, access and navigate.

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The estimator selects items from the drop-down menu (on the right side of the screen) which populates the grid (on the left side of the screen).  The unit price is already established with only the quantity left to be entered by the estimator.  Quantities can be entered manually or with the help of built-in calculators which are specific to the unit of measure.

While the estimate form is being populated and other tasks are being performed,  Estam8 is hard at work, simultaneously preparing the out-put documents that will be provided to the customer.  The following are just a few of the many documents and document formats that are available in Estam8.  Proposals can be produced in any of 7 different formats depending on how much or how little information you choose to divulge to your client.  Proposals like any document, can be edited by adding text (either manually or en-mass) and images form a variety of sources.

This estimate format depicts a fully detailed proposal, which lists every item, it’s corresponding unit of measure, the unit price, the quantity, and the calculated extended price.

This estimate format depicts a detailed proposal, which lists every item, however removing the corresponding unit of measure, the unit price, and the quantity.

This estimate format depicts a detailed proposal, which lists every item and only the subtotal of each section.

Proposals can easily be converted to a Contract with all the same choices and features. The following shows just one.

The document above demonstrates how adding images and text can clarify, instruct, and protect the interest of all concerned.


The next logical extension is to convert the data to an Invoice.

Invoicing processing is a simple matter of point and click. Estam8 is not intended to be an accounting program and therefore will not track payables and/or receivables like an accounting package will. However, there is also no reason to duplicate your efforts. Because Estam8 will store every detail for every project, simple 1 line transactions can be entered into your accounting package for accounting purposes.

While all of these documents are being produced for distribution to your client,  Estam8 is also producing documents that can be used by your staff to facilitate every aspect of your production including, but not limited to, measuring, purchasing, receiving, staging, fabrication, delivery and installation.

The Work Order is just one of many documents that can be issued to multiple departments to be used in order to facilitate a job.

The Project Recap provides historical documentation as well as all relevant contact data on one page.


Every one of these documents is easy to generate (actually instantly), and easy to read. Some are intended to impart a sense of professionalism that creates confidence in your company which can lead to more referrals.  Others are intended to facilitate production, and others are intended to be used to monitor and evaluate your results.  Whatever the reason a document is generated, all of the documents available in Estam8 are clear, concise and appropriately formatted for its intended audience.